Integrated Manual Therapies for Pain Relief & Enhanced Life

Imagine Your Life Free of Pain!


If you suffer from pain, you have probably tried a number of different techniques to relieve it. Techniques that provide short-term relief—such as massage, chiropractic, drugs, or even physical therapy—provide temporary relief of pain but do not heal the causes.


Mimi Rhys, the whole body pain relief specialist:


• Has a unique approach based on extensive training to

 understand the roots of pain in your body.


• Works by treating the physical, energetic, and emotional

 causes of your pain in an integrated session.


• Is experienced in a variety of effective techniques that were

developed by osteopathic physicians that reduce or eliminate



• Uses gentle, effective, non-invasive techniques to help you

 relax and let go of your discomfort, starting with your first



• Is trusted by her clients to use the right technique at the

right time for their issues in a safe and supportive



Phoenix Healing Arts uses all-natural approaches to help the body heal itself, and re-balance it physically and energetically. While working on the body, Mimi also teaches her clients about the source of their pain and self-care techniques. Call today to discuss your needs and to learn about her unique solutions to heal your pain.


Contact Mimi today for a FREE half-hour session to begin the process of healing your pain and restoring your body to health!

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