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Phoenix Healing Arts is devoted to those who have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or suffer from any kind of trauma. The gentle, effective, non-invasive techniques I use help you relax and let go of your discomfort, starting at the beginning of your first session. Why go for a treatment and have more pain added to what you already have?

Pain and trauma cause stress, which research shows is responsible for over 70% of doctor’s visits. It saps your energy, makes you more likely to get sick, and can cause depression.

My all-natural approach helps the body heal itself, and re-balances it physically and energetically. I use a combination of therapies, both light touch and touch-free. My services page describes the types of bodywork I offer. I also teach my clients about self care. As part of self care, I offer Shamballa Reiki classes at reasonable rates to enable everyone to have access to this powerful healing therapy.

Phoenix Healing Arts is located at 21 Glenmont Road in a quiet, private home in Brighton close to Newton, Brookline, and the Massachusetts Turnpike. I have off-street parking and flexible hours. Appointments are available Monday to Thursday from 8 AM to 6 PM, Fridays from 8 AM to 4 PM, and Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Call today to make an appointment.

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