Integrated Manual Therapies for Pain Relief & Enhanced Life

Chronic Pain

If you are living with chronic pain, you know the challenges you face. Chronic pain can lead to depression, difficulty in performing your job, reduced movement, poor health and increased stress – in addition to dealing with the chronic pain. Studies have shown that physical or emotional trauma either remembered or not, is often correlated to fibromyalgia or other chronic pain.


 At Phoenix Healing Arts, I use a combination of gentle, effective, energetic and manual bodywork can enable you to:


• Experience life as fully as possible

• Have less pain

• Accomplish more


Physical Symptoms Addressed


• Fibromyalgia

• Car accident pain

• Arthritis of all kinds

• Chronic disease including autoimmune conditions

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) associated pain

• Sports injuries

• Scarring from surgeries

• Post-cancer treatments

• Many other conditions


The benefits of seeing a practitioner who was in chronic pain for years and understands what you are going through can help you tremendously. Click on the links below to see a description of specific therapies I use – alone or in combination -- to address chronic pain.


Therapy Benefits


Myofascial Release

Relaxes tight muscles, enables freer movement, lessens pain, and improves blood flow.


Lymphatic Drainage

Calms the nervous system, reduces swelling, painlessly releases tender (trigger) points, detoxifies body, accelerates healing, and stimulates immune system. Lymphatic work also includes joint release therapy to address painful joints and clears toxins out of the immune system in autoimmune disorders.



Clears energy blockages, offers a touch-free therapy for those in extreme pain, calms nervous system.


CranioSacral Therapy

Calms nervous system, treats headaches, releases trauma held in body, balances energy, and increases flexibility of spine, head, and hips.



Balances entire body through the feet, clears chakras, treats organs, induces deep relaxation, and provides an alternative way to treat any part of the body that is too painful to be touched. It is a great stress reliever as well.


“I had tried numerous mainstream and alternative modalities over the years to help me heal from a serious car accident over 20 years ago. When I came to see Mimi Rhys, it was to help with back and hip pain. My expectations were low as I had resigned myself to living with the pain as nothing seemed to last. Mimi did a combination of cranial work, myofascial release, and energy work to address my issues. Her work removed the twist in my body (which I had not realized was underneath much of my chronic pain). I would heartily recommend her – especially to anyone who thinks there is no lasting relief for them from pain.”


- D.B.



“15 years with a misdiagnosed case of Lyme disease left me with full body chronic tension and pain as well as a multitude of neurological and structural issues. Mimi’s gentle and compassionate work has been invaluable both in managing my pain and helping me regain my alignment and mobility. Her ability to switch seamlessly between multiple modalities as needed during a session is unique and allows her to deliver profound and lasting changes without the pain of deep tissue work I have tried in the past.”


- David C.

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