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Myofascial Release

Have you felt stiff, not as limber as you may have, or your muscles felt achy? Most probably your fascia needs to be released. Your fascia wraps and re-wraps cells and actually is what holds you up and gives your body its shape. Because you are a single unit from a fascial viewpoint, there is no such thing as one tight place in your body not affecting someplace else. Literally, your left toe and right ear are connected.


Myofascial Release works on the fascia, which covers all the muscles and bones of the body. Fascia needs to slide and stretch to allow muscles and joints to move easily and this therapy is very effective for this.  Light, hands-on manipulation of the fascia allows these connective tissue fibers to reorganize themselves in a more flexible, functional fashion. Myofascial release therapy in addition to joint release therapy really allows the body to move optimally.


Scar release therapy is a special technique to work with connective tissue that has been cut or traumatized and healed in a disorganized way. The connective tissue tightens and pulls unevenly on the tissue around it, frequently causing restrictions and pain. Scar tissue forms as deeply as it is cut, and after surgery can go down through many layers of tissue. Scar release work releases and realigns tissue so that it can freely stretch and function normally.


Physical symptoms addressed

This is great work for sports injuries, post-surgical pain, and muscle pain. This therapy releases scar tissue, tight muscles, shortened ligaments and tendons. It allows the bones to go back into proper position to function more effectively. Muscles shorten when they are not stretched and worked, so this is a good way to jump start a return to improved muscle health.



Release of myofascial restrictions in one area may have profound impact over large areas of the body.  Goals of therapy include:


• eliminate pain

• increase range of motion

• enable more integrated and easy movement of the body

• to help realign the skeleton

• realign scar tissue to reduce pulling and relieve pain


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