Integrated Manual Therapies for Pain Relief & Enhanced Life

Working Together

Health and healing is a journey that we take together. To that end, I invite you to be an active participant in the healing process. We will discuss your life in every way that impacts your physical health and well-being, and discover ways that will bring sustained health, beyond just relieving a specific pain. This could look like either taking a reiki class to enable self-healing, finding strategies to reduce stress, working with ergonomics so that you can avoid pain from sitting at your desk at work, techniques to relieve muscle pain for yourself, and more.


A typical session together starts with a whole body evaluation and health history to determine the areas that need treatment. After that, you will sit or lie fully clothed on a bodywork table. I check the alignment of the hips, because they are the foundation for the body, and adjust them if necessary.


After your hips are straight, I work with the body to determine what is needed to address the source of the physical problem, either with gentle manual or energetic therapies that work with the organs, bones, muscles, joints, lymphatics, and the central nervous  system.


Please see descriptions of the different therapies I offer. Sessions last 60 to 90 minutes and many issues can be significantly improved in three to five sessions.



"I have had back and hip problems for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes the pain would interfere with just being able to walk or sit.  I've gone to chiropractors, physical therapy, yoga etc with mixed results.


"After one session with Mimi I left pain free for weeks, even after a long flight! She did hip rebalancing and some more esoteric work that really helped.  And she has a nice manner of listening.  Highly recommended."


- W.R.


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