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Healing From Surgery

Lymphatic drainage can be used for any accelerated surgical recovery, unless there is active cancer or an infection. It can cut the recovery time in half. It is so safe that it can be done the day after surgery, with your doctor's permission. Most people need three sessions done before surgery, and three sessions after to achieve maximum effect.


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy also includes joint release therapy and scar release work that can be done six weeks after surgery to release the pulling of scar tissue and increase the range of motion of the body's joints. This is particularly helpful after orthopedic and cardiac surgery where there is significant scarring and joint involvement.


Lymphatic drainage is ideal after Cesarean sections when a baby is delivered surgically. It removes surgical debris and excess lymph buildup from the surgical site. Scar release therapy and Visceral Manipulation help reduce the pulling of scar tissue and adhesions that happen whenever abdominal surgery is performed.



“Five times, prior to my hysterectomy, Mimi Rhys worked on draining my sizable stores of lymphatic buildup. Mimi, I discovered, had a new drainage technique in her considerable bag of tricks. (I had had lymph drainage with five or six different practitioners over the last twenty years – all to no effect.). I was able to go into surgery feeling better than I had in years. Following the surgery, the nurses and doctors were openly amazed at my speedy recovery. I am a very large person with fibromyalgia, and being able to go home in four days, was unexpected by all involved. The lymphatic drainage was a God send.”


- Marcie N.


“I had an accident that required me to get multiple skin grafts on my lower leg. I was in a lot of pain, and had a lot of swelling. When Mimi did lymph drainage, she got me completely out of pain. Later my surgeon and nurses were surprised to see how fast I was getting better. She taught me how to do my own lymph drainage, so I could start walking and recovering. I believe Mimi saved my leg, and I would recommend her to anybody.”


- John M


“I am 70 years old. I had been working with Mimi for a year to maximize my health. When I decided to have hip replacement surgery, Mimi added four sessions of lymphatic drainage therapy to help me get ready to heal quickly from the surgery. I was delighted when I was released from the hospital early after the operation. Afterwards, I had more lymph drainage from her, and my recovery is proceeding smoothly thanks to her lymph work.”


- Carol G




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