Integrated Manual Therapies for Pain Relief & Enhanced Life


If you are living with trauma, you know the difficulty of keeping up with life. Trauma—whether from a physical, emotional, or other cause—can interfere with your sleep, your health and relationships with others.


Trauma can be held energetically anywhere in the body for many years after the incident, and often needs to be released with energetic and manual bodywork. Held trauma can often cause pain in the area where it is held, and that 80% of the time, there is no memory of the actual incident when the release therapy, called SomatoEmotional Release, is performed. Heart Centered Therapy, a spoken dialogue technique, may also be used to assist the release process. While bodywork is a great adjunct to psychotherapy, it does not replace it.


Traumatic events, like the Boston Marathon bombing, or war, can affect a large number of people and cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and bodywork can be very helpful when used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Many veterans struggle with PTSD, and can utilize bodywork to release trauma and help them heal from traumatic events.


Emotional or physical abuse from earlier life is often a good predictor of chronic pain later on, and releasing the trauma can stop the physical pain and promote healing. I have worked with both veterans and people from all walks of life and I have found these therapies to be powerful and effective treatments.




“So much of what Mimi does helps soothe mental trauma as well as physical pain. . . after seeing her I not only feel physically better but stronger and more resilient on an emotional level.”


- I.Z.

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