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Foot Pain

Oh, my aching feet! How many times have you said that? Something you may not know is that your feet affect your entire body as they are the foundation of body movement. If your feet don’t hit the ground properly, then your hips, back and head can all be out of alignment.


When someone comes to me with foot pain, the first thing I do straighten the hips. Then, to identify the true source of the problem, I check the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin from the hips down. Foot pain can be caused by so many things, ranging from twisted hips, plantar fasciitis, impact from regular running, wearing high heels and stiff joints. Another little known fact is that a foot can have bones drop out of position. By using a variety of techniques, I can easily realign these bones for improved foot movement and overall body alignment. Relief can come from a few sessions at Phoenix Healing Arts.


Phoenix Healing Arts unique approach


The vast majority of orthodic makers and podiatrists who treat foot pain never align the hips, knees, ankles and foot joints, because they lack the training and whole body awareness. They just focus on fitting the feet. Remember your orthodics will hold you in whatever position your feet and hips were in when you got them. It is critical for your optimal health and pain relief to get yourself in alignment before your appointment. How you stand on your fee affects everything from your feet to your head!


Therapy Benefits


Myofascial release

Relaxes tight muscles, enables freer movement, lessens pain, and improves blood flow. It is used to realign the hips.


Lymphatic Drainage

Reduces swelling, painlessly releases tender (trigger) points, increases blood flow and accelerates healing.


Joint release therapy

Releases scar tissue, reduces swelling and pain, and allows a greater freedom of movement of the joints. This also helps realign bones and improve the mobility of the foot.



"I was referred to Mimi due to inflammation/puffiness in my left foot following a 2012 bunionectomy. My foot was structurally perfect but unfortunately I still had trouble walking on my foot properly and didn’t have my full range of motion. My surgeon and 2 other doctors didn’t know how to fix it, and I went finally to a physical therapist who specializes in feet. She suggested I see Mimi because she had seen for herself wonderful changes in patients that have had similar issues. I met with Mimi and she explained everything that she was going to do in order to fix my foot. Within one appointment I saw an amazing transformation. I have never had such range of motion since before my first surgery and now I can walk normally on my foot. I saw Mimi two more times and each time my foot has gotten better and better. It took a lot of time and patience to FINALLY find someone who could fix my foot and Mimi was worth the wait. I call her “Mimi the Miracle Worker”. Thanks Mimi!


- Robin M.



“Mimi combines a passion for helping others with a deep knowledge of healing and the human body. I recently experienced her skills with relieving my foot pain and was very impressed with the gentle process and the results. It is well-worth exploring the alternative-healing approach in Mimi’s capable hands.”


- Marji Lipshez Shapiro


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