Integrated Manual Therapies for Pain Relief & Enhanced Life

Health Maintenance / Chronic Pain Prevention

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a message from your body that something is not working properly. It causes stress, and research has shown that stress is responsible for over 75% of all doctor’s office visits. Many doctor visits result in drugs that just treat symptoms, and do not get to the actual cause of the problem.


Most people are not completely aware of messages their bodies are sending to them. Please try this exercise to help your body awareness. Shut your eyes for a half minute and pay very close attention to your body, especially any pain or tightness you may have. The subconscious part of your brain, which is 90% of it, does nothing but pay attention to everything that is going on in your body 24/7. It is impossible for it to ignore pain, and the conscious 10% part that we believe can ignore pain, can’t really either.


The good news is that you can do a lot to help yourself heal from pain and protect your health thereafter.  Working with Mimi Rhys can help you:


• Reintegrate your body as a whole

• Help you release emotional stress

• Teach you what you need to do and be aware of in everyday life to remain healthy


Very simple changes can often make a dramatic difference in current and future health difficulties. Awareness and education will empower you to be able to take better care of yourself and those you care about. It is so much better to be proactive and alleviate issues before they have a negative impact on the quality of your life.


I understand the value of being proactive and working with a pain specialist first hand. I had chronic pain for over 20 years, and slowly discovered the therapies I needed and things I had to do to get well. I am grateful to have gone from practical immobility to a healthy body. Now I can share my knowledge to help others with the therapies I practice and the techniques I developed to heal myself.


Come to Phoenix Healing Arts today to see how your life and health can improve!



“Mimi has conducted two workshops at our work site. Both were very well received judging from the evaluations collected. It is challenging to demonstrate half a dozen positions and make sure everyone 'gets it,' but Mimi succeeded. Her relaxation poses are easy and can be done by anyone. She demonstrates and explains how to get into the proper positions in a clear and straightforward manner. Mimi displays deep knowledge of anatomy and muscular and body movements. She can get very in tune with your particular aches and pains and then help you reach a relaxed position. It is very obvious that she is passionate about helping individuals reduce stress and relieve pain.”


- G.Z.





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