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Shamballa Reiki Classes

One of the best ways to take care of yourself and help others is to take a reiki class and become a source of healing energy.  Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, also known as Shamballa reiki, is a powerful type of energy that was channeled by Hari Das in 1990. It is a higher vibration form of reiki with four levels, leading up to Reiki Master Healer/Teacher.


This type of reiki is based on the older Usui method, but is simpler to use, takes less time to learn, and costs many times less, and is still just as effective. Each of the four levels is a two and a half hour class, with no more than six students, and each class costs less than $100. Shamballa is meant to be very accessible in terms of money and time so that as many people can benefit from it as possible.


Part of the attunement process at each level is activating the chakras in your feet, so as you walk around you heal the Earth. Shamballa level I can be used on anything you can touch, including people, animals, plants, inanimate objects and food. With level II you can send it any distance and through time. You can charge an object, say a child's toy and then give it to them so they can get the benefit of Shamballa as they play with it. The next two levels allow you to give others the ability to use this gift to heal.


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