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Joint Release Therapy

Have you ever had achy joints after exercising or playing sports? Do you have arthritis and your joints swell and turn red? You may have excess joint fluid pressing on nerves that cause increased pain in them. Joint fluid is a necessary and normal part of any joint. In excess, it can limit movement, even if it is not causing any pain. Joints can also have small misalignments that can limit the range of movement of an arm or a leg and adversely affect athletic performance or cause back and neck pain.


Lymph Articulation Fluid Release is a treatment used to realign joints and release excess fluid to relieve pain and improve joint mobility. It uses small precise, adjustments that can be used on the most swollen and painful joints and cause no additional pain. Relief is often immediate, and the swelling can subside in as little as a minute. It can even relieve pain in osteoarthritis, where there is not cartilage, by creating more space within the joint.


Physical symptoms addressed

Any joint pain anywhere in the body, from head to toes



This therapy is ideal for improving sports performance by allowing the joints to move much more freely, thereby increasing the range and ease of motion. It relieves pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and other joint conditions. When combined with scar release therapy, it can restore mobility to joints changed by surgery, sports injuries, or other chronic conditions.


“I’m a swimmer who competes in open water events. I’m always looking for the next thing that will improve my time or my ability to keep going in cold ocean temperatures. I had some shoulder pain after an event and went to Mimi to get it looked at. Not only did she clear that up in one appointment, but she did a joint release technique that greatly improved my range of movement and enabled me to swim much more easily. In addition I was not sore the day after.  That was a very pleasant surprise. Now I go to her for a “tune-up” before my long swims, because I know I can swim easier, faster and not be in pain the next day. I would recommend Mimi to anyone who wanted to improve their performance.”


- Dave O.

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